Well if you haven't noticed recently it has been a bit, um, frosty outside. Granted cold is great for snow, snow sports, snowmaking, and snowpeople, it can sometimes take away from our ski day. To prevent such further interruption of the enjoyment of skiing and riding I have done some research and compiled a list of ways to, and ways not to, keep warm.

1. Dress in layers- I know that is kind of simple and straightforward but it can go a long way in insuring your comfort, and ultimate enjoyment of the great outdoors. Cotton as a base layer is not a good idea as it absorbs moisture and does not stop the wind. Your base layer should be able to wick moisture away from the body and be smooth. Loose layers are actually a good insulator as they trap warm air, and allow for ease of movement. Finally a water/wind resistant jacket and snow pants are a good top layer. There are a fine selections of warm clothing at Sunday River Sports and Sunday Sessions.

This might be a bit overkill

2. Setting yourself on fire to get warm, not such a good idea...

I don't see how this can end well

3. Hot Coco/Coffee/Tea breaks- Stopping and getting a cup of coffee of hot coco, coffee or tea does a couple things. First it gets you inside and out of the cold which will start to warm you up right away. But also the warmness of the beverage will warm both your hands as you hold it, as well as your tummy as you drink it. Juices and water are also good to consume during a break period as believe it or not even when it is below freezing you still sweat and those fluids need replacing. If you are looking for a place to get some warmness then check out the brand new Pejamajo Crepe Cafe in South Ridge.

4. Dry Feet- It may seem trivial but something as simple as changing your socks midway through the ski day can go a long way in keeping you warm. There is nothing worse then cold toes and can really cut a ski day short. Taking the 5 minutes to change out socks during your lunch break for warm dry socks will make your day that much more enjoyable, as after all we are on our feet all day. You can also take it up a notch and for just a quarter you can heat your gloves and boots up with our glove and boot warmers located around our baselodges.

5. Cuddling with a bear...Again not a bright idea. While they may look warm and fuzzy but they may also eat you, and the only warmth you may feel is that from running for your life.

Sure he looks cute, until he eats you...

6. Get out early- With our new First Tracks program you can have unprecedented access to the mountain before it even opens. With skiing and riding off of the Spruce Triple a whole hour before the resort opens up to the general public. Then cap your first hour off with free hot chocolate or coffee for you and your group at the North Peak Lodge.

7. Proper head gear- While the jury is still out on how much heat you can actually lose through your head, any heat loss is not a good thing when trying to keep warm. The general consensus is 20-30% of heat loss can be attributed to your head. Almost all helmets do a great job of keeping the heat in from your head, and even those that don't you can get helmet liners. Just beware of putting your helmet on with a hat as it could change the fit of the helmet and therefore reduce its effectiveness in protecting you.

At least it looks warm...

8. Take a Chondola Cabin- Again something simple but it is 7 minutes that you aren't exposed to the outdoors, and you get to take in some pretty nice views of the Mahoosucs if you sit with your back facing to the mountain that you normally wouldn't get to enjoy. Once you are at the top of North Peak the mountain is your oyster and you can get to just about anywhere, warmed up and ready to go.

9. Don't drink alcohol- I hate to be the party pooper but alcohol actually lowers your body temperature and provides a false sense of warmth. Many heat sensing nerves are located near the surface of the skin. Drinking can make you temporarily feel warmer. In fact, while you get the feeling of warmth from alcohol, it is really unsuitable because it allows the cold to enter the body. Sorry...

10. Know your limits- If you feel really cold then chances are you really are. Pace yourself throughout the day and take occasional stops to warm up, get some warm food and drink and get some dry stuff on to maximize your day!

Think Cold, Stay Warm, Think Snow!

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