It is time for another addition of the snow reporter blog, and this time around I felt it would be safe to let the inmates run the asylum. I asked for your questions, and you responded very nicely and I thank you for your questions. These are real questions, from real community members…

What is your favorite trail? -- ga2ski

That is a tough question. Getting to ski practically everyday does have its advantages, and I get to ski a lot of the terrain often, and try to mix my runs up quite a bit. Contrary to what Dave says on RSN, Mixing Bowl is not my favorite trail. In fact I find it hard to pick out my single favorite, so I will give you my top 5, in no particular order; Last Tango, Risky Business, Northern Lights, Blind Ambition, and Ecstasy to Cascades. Ok, so maybe that is 6 trails, I am using the Dartmouth math and “added” 25% more.

Who are the boarder and telemark skier in many SR videos and frequently in Shot of the day photos? – Chondola Man

I will keep their names secret to protect the innocent…actually who am I kidding, they aren’t innocent. It’s Dave and Nora of RSN fame. There are also occasional cameos by Nick, Darcy, and myself. But it is mostly Dave and Nora…camera hogs.

What is the best way to get in photo of the day? – Markarina

Bribe me. Actually it is sometimes luck of the draw, if you are lucky enough to spot me out on the mountain with the camera out chances are you could be made famous on the Sunday River website. Although I am not below taking some sort of compensation to take your picture and put it on the website. Small, unmarked bills in a non-descript case, or round foods are acceptable payment.

What is your favorite memory of SR? – ga2ski

Another tough question, I would have to say the February snow storm we had last year was pretty stellar. 20” of snow and awesome conditions made it a great day. But I would have to say this past Christmas. The views were unreal, with the freezing fog, the ice crystals in the sky causing all the crazy rainbows and again the views from the Jordan were nothing short of spectacular. Oh and the skiing was great too.

Which message board member do you think will log the most ski days this year? – Markarina

Snowreportah, or TV Dave. Maybe Vortex… At last count I was in the mid 60s, my job sucks…

What is the optimum wet bulb to make snow? – ga2ski

We like to start making snow when the wet bulb hits 28 degrees Fahrenheit. What is the wet bulb temperature you ask? The wet-bulb temperature is a type of temperature measurement that reflects the physical properties of a system with a mixture of a gas and a vapor, usually air and water vapor. Wet bulb temperature is the lowest temperature that can be reached by the evaporation of water only. We can actually make snow above 32 Fahrenheit degrees dry bulb (normal thermometer) with low humidity. At 32 degrees Fahrenheit and a humidity level of 60% we can make snow. Even at 38 degrees with 0% humidity the wet bulb is 24.5 degrees. There will be a quiz later.

Will it ever snow again? – Anonymous

Have some faith, geeze. It looks like we are getting some snow the middle of the upcoming week. Weather guru Russ Murley is calling for 7-10” Wednesday into Thursday. In the meantime burn some skis or one piece snow suits, I’m serious.

What date do you think the last day of snowmaking will be this season?

Several of you asked me this, and here is the answer. As long as we have the temperatures and there is the need for snowmaking, we will continue to pump out the snow you all know and love.

Has Facebook Friday been a success? – Vortex

Yes it has. Over the two events we have hosted so far over 600 people have RSVPed and the turnout of those who signed up has also been very good. Look for more events like that to come over the rest of the season. We are hoping to break 10,000 fans on Facebook by the end of February. We continue to rock the social media, infact we were rated in the top 10 among ski resorts in North America for our use of social media, and in the top 3 for YouTube views.

What costumes will Nick make you wear this season? – ga2ski

Good question. Hopefully I can maintain a low profile for costumes. We have an intern who is ripe for public displays of humiliation. But in all reality it will probably end up being me. The sad, sad story of my fall from grace continues…

Which smells worse, TVDave's boots or Nora's Electric Blue pants??? – Chondola Man

Toss up…it is kind of a pick your poison here. There are no real winners when it comes to this question…

What is the strangest thing that Dave has in the RSN studio? –ga2ski

Wow, you are prying, and have a strange fascination with Dave…But if I had to pick the strangest thing of all in there, I would say Nora.

Dear Jarod, I hate you. –Nora Spect

Yup, I have an awesome job.

That’s it for the first edition of the Snow Reporter Mailbag. Please feel free to send any questions you have along in the meantime for a future edition of the mail bag. Also I am now taking suggestions for future editions of the blog. Until next time I’ll see you out there and think snow!

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Comment by ga2ski on February 9, 2010 at 5:16pm
Don't forget Callie and Greg as camera hogs.
Comment by Darcy Morse on February 8, 2010 at 1:25pm
Nice work on this, kiddo! I can assure you we have a list of costumes in-store :)

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