I like the email offering next years pass:

"In the spirit of the early bird catching the best deal, we’re extending this to include preferred parking places as well. New for 2017-18, we’re asking all current preferred parking passholders to renew their current spot by April 15, 2017. With wait-lists for both of our preferred parking lots growing exponentially each year, we want to be able to offer you first dibs while still communicating to all interested guests any availability as soon as possible. Cost for 2017-18 Preferred parking passes are $499. Please call 207-824-5388 to renew yours by April 15, 2017; spaces not renewed by this deadline will be offered to those on our wait-list starting on May 1, 2017"

So the early bird special is, give us the full price money now or we'll offer it to our extensive waiting list. THAT is a great early bird special. How about using the money to create a few more parking lots or a shuttle bus system, like Sugarloaf, that doesn't make you wait for a ride

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Comment by Wheelie on April 18, 2017 at 6:07pm

I got this email on 3-23

called a few days later and was told it was a typo, take it or leave it

We are reaching out to you to see if you were thinking of purchasing a 17/18 parking pass for $429. We are reaching out to parking pass holders first and they have until 4/15 before we start selling them to the public. You can call or come in person to purchase next years pass.


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