How to Prep Up Your Car for a Long Road Vacation in 6 Ways

When you have no time limit and enjoy hitting the roads, you know traveling via car is the best thing to do. But before you can leave for the wonderful car ride, you have to prepare your car for the upcoming long road trip.

Long road trip means packing for the road travel, rechecking your car, carrying extra petrol/diesel, planning how and which route will you take, carrying spare keys for your car, taking pictures, and so much more.

Road trips allow you to travel by your rules, your stops, and your starts with the speed you would like. So, here are six ways to prepare your car for the next road trip.

Check The Tires And Keep Spare Tires As Well

Remember to check all tires for punctures. Plus, take your car for a short service and get air filled in the tires. Don’t forget to take along spare tires. Just in case, you have a flat tire, you could fix it up and get back on the road again.

Tires, rims, and other allied parts should be thoroughly checked as they are the ones that take the whole weight of the car. In case, you own a luxury car like Mercedes Benz and plan to drive that for your road trip, then be sure to thoroughly check its tires and rims. If it seems faulty, purchase brand new Mercedes Benz Tire for a safe and smooth ride.

Recheck All The Wires And Pipes

You can get your car inspected by the servicemen to make sure that all the wires that connect to brakes, steering, and other mechanisms are good to go. Plus, you have to make sure everything works well, including the horn and other electrical equipments.

If it is summers, you have to make sure that the air conditioner works just right. Remember to also check if the belt appears to be cracked or glazed. You would need to get it repaired. Don’t forget to check all fluids of the car.

Check The Battery And Ensure The Lights Are Working

The battery can be visually checked. If you spot any kind of acid leakage, cracking, or anything issue, the battery should be changed. Also remember to clean corroded terminals and ensure that the battery terminals are tight.

If the headlights or taillights or mirrors are broken, consider getting it repaired before your trip. Broken headlights and taillights could cause difficulty in driving at night and foggy times; broken mirrors will make it difficult to look what is coming from behind.

Fill The Oil And Other Liquids

The engine oil should be near the full mark. To check the engine oil, place a dipstick in the h*** and pull it back. If the oil color is black, the oil should be changed immediately. 

Remember to check the automatic transmission fluid and the engine coolant in the overflow tank. Do not try to open the radiator cap especially if the engine is hot.

Keep The Emergency Kit In Your Car

Almost every car comes with an emergency kit. The kit includes wrenches, jumper wires, tire sealer, screwdrivers, and pliers. In case, you didn’t have this, then make sure you keep the previously mentioned items and place the kit in the trunk before you are out for your trip.

In addition to this, you can keep energy bars, bottles of water, a blanket, first aid kit, spare ignition, electrical tape, windshield washer fluid, engine oil, petrol, etc.

Install A GPS Navigation System

Having a long car journey could also make you lose the track of where you were going. A solution to this problem is to have a GPS Navigation System installed in the car. 

Having a GPS enable you to track your route, detect nearest food joints or gas stations, and estimate the arrival time to the destination.

Having the above pointers, you are definitely ready to go. Drive safely, especially when you are traveling on unknown roads. Remember to pack fewer bags, depending on the number of days you are planning to stay. If you pack less, you pack light and would worry less about the stuff you would need to carry along. Also, carry enough cash and hide in a place you would remember well.

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