Do You AirBNB? Make New Friends With Peer to Peer Home Sharing

I recently discovered the sharing economy. Its truly a revolution that fits in perfect with skiers. Apps like UBer, Lift and Airbnb take the economy to the people.

Rent unique, local accommodations on any budget, anywhere in the world. AirBnB App For iOS and Android Can Save You or Make You Money.

How AirBnB works is users are vetted by the company and are the allowed to share their home for a fee. Guests then write reviews for each member after there stay.

This is a peer to peer platform which is also intended to bring people together.

Launched in August of 2008 and based in San Francisco, CA, Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world via online or from a mobile phone.

Whether an apartment for a night, a castle for a week, or a villa for a month, Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences, at any price point, in more than 34,000 cities and 190 countries. And with world-class customer service and a growing community of users, Airbnb is the easiest way for people to monetize their extra space and showcase it to an audience of millions.

Recently AirBnb launched a invite friends program. Its not affiliate marketing or anything nefarious. It simply offers members and new members a way to save $25.00 on travel. If you would like to try AirBnB here's my Friend Invite.

Ive been using AirBnB for a property I manage on Cape Cod. Ive had nothing but good experiences.

Give it a try. I think you'll find the experience as fulfilling as I have.

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