So after a couple hours of sleep and a case of Red Bull later here comes part deux of the 50 fun facts about Sunday River.

26. There are ten times the trails now at Sunday River then there were from 1965 to 1971.
27. The trails Agony and Ecstasy were named as such in 1974 as a play on the popular movie The Agony and the Ecstasy
28. Other trails in that area named for movies include Right Stuff, Risky Business and Top Gun.
29. Once to prove there was snow in the Maine Mountains, Sunday River dumped 10 tons of snow on the Boston Common.
30. The two mountains that make up the 8 peaks of Sunday River are the Barker and Black Mountains.
31. The tallest peak on the mountain is Oz, which measures in 3,162 feet.
32. The longest single connected run you can take is Kansas, Lights Out, Peak Easy, Grand Rapids, Tourist Trap, Roadrunner. It measures in at just over 3 miles and takes you from the top of Jordan to the bottom of White Cap.
33. This year Sunday River set a resort record with 350 skiing Santas on Santa Sunday.
34. While Day-Glo may not be illegal at Sunday River, it is still a crime, a crime of fashion.
35. X-Games Gold Medalist and Sunday River native Simon Dumont set the World Quarterpipe Record on Airglow soaring 35.5 feet above the deck of a 38 foot quarterpipe, or about 7 stories above the ground.
36. The first person known to have skied Barker Mountain was Paul Kailey in 1958.
37. On opening day in 1959 the trail options were Cascades or Rocking Chair.
38. The Bud Light Concert Series is now the Bud Light Music Series at The Foggy Goggle providing more music, and it is all free!
39. The firstchair lift was a double that went up what we now know as Agony.
40. Another form of agony can be karaoke night at the Brew Haus.
41. The 8 sun spikes on the Sunday River logo represent the 8 peaks of Sunday River.
42. There are 5 High speed detachable lifts at Sunday River the most in Maine and New Hampshire.
43. The Peak with the most named terrain is North Peak with 35 trails. The least belongs to Spruce with 7 named trails.
44. Sunday River boasts a variety of glades including a beginners glade known as Enchanted Forrest.
45. It is possible to ski green rated terrain down from the top of 6 of the 8 peaks. The only peaks without top to bottom green are Locke and White Cap.
46. There is free wireless access in all both the Barker and South Ridge base lodges.
47. Every year Sunday River, with your help, donates thousands of cans of food to local foodbanks from Tin Mountain Round-Up.
48. Every Winter Sunday River celebrates free-heeling skiers by hosting the annual Maine Telemark Festival.
49. On average the snow reporter consumes 3 cans of Red Bull a day.
50. None of this would be at all possible without the loyal support of Sunday River fans everywhere.
51. The best is still yet to come. (You need one to grow on right?)

We look forward to seeing you this weekend as we celebrate 50 years of skiing, riding, fun and so much more. From all of us to you, cheers, and here is to another 50 years!


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