So with Sunday River celebrating its 50th season this coming weekend I felt it was high time to roll out 50 fun facts about the mountain we all know and love.

1. Sunday River is not an active volcano
2. At maximum our snowmaking system can pump out 8,000 gallons of water a minute. That is enough water to fill a 14' x 28' pool with an average depth of 5 and a half feet, in two minutes.
3. The trail T2 is so named because the t-bar lift named T2 got you to the top of Locke Mountain.
4. For the second year in a row we our offering our 12 Days of Chirstmas where you can save on deals everyday up to and including Christmas.
5. Sunday River's original mascot was a Viking.
6. When fully open Sunday River boasts 671 acres of skiing and riding, which is the same as 671 football fields.
7. The Green Berets once used Sunday River as a training ground. I am not kidding about this one at all.
8. Sunday River has accounts on both Facebook and Twitter.
9. Rocking Chair was a beginner run during the first seasons here at Sunday River.
10. You can ski free on both the first and last day of the season.
11. Contrary to popular belief they do not count each snowflake as it leaves the snowflake factory.
12. The lift system at Sunday River can move 32,000 skiers an hour, so during the course of a normal ski day from 8-4 our lifts could transport the population of Portland Maine up the mountain 4 times.
13. While White Heat may be the steepest, longest, widest lift-serviced expert trail in the East, the steepest pitch on the mountain actually is on Black H***.
14. The longest run on the mountain is Lollapalooza which is just under a mile and a half in length.
15. In celebration of our 50th anniversary you can ski and stay for just $50 mid week!
16. If you were to lay all the snowmaking pipe and hose end to end it would stretch from Bethel Maine to Pittsfield Maine, about 100 miles, which is where this snow reporter grew up...coincidence...I think not.
17. On average 1 cubic foot of snow weighs about 15 pounds, so when we receive a foot of snow across all of our marked terrain the total weight of the new snow is about 219,215 tons of snow, or about the weight of about 157 adult bull moose.
18. Aside from skiing and riding, you can also Ice Skate and Snow Tube as well at Sunday River. Forgot your skates? We offer rentals.
19. This weekend's fire display is going to be about two times the size of the fireworks from last year's Chondola grand opening, and about 4 times larger then a normal Sunday River Fireworks show. In short it is going to be the biggest fireworks show Western Maine has ever seen.
20. Did you know that if you bring a friend to learn to ski at Sunday River, you can ski for free?
21. Tired at the end of the ski day? Then why not kick back with our on mountain lodging? We can sleep about 6,000 people, which is slightly more then double the population of Bethel.
22. From the top of White Cap to the top of the Jordan is about 3 miles as the snowbird flies.
23. The Chondola is the only lift of its kind in the East, and took what was a 20 minute journey on two lifts to the top of North Peak to a 7 minute trip on one.
24. The Perfect Turn model of ski instruction which got it's start at Sunday River, is used in some form at resorts all across the United States.
25. The recipe to Shockwave Shrimp is more closely guarded then the Colonel's Original Recipe.

Part two of this fact filled extravaganza comes your way tomorrow!
Until then, THINK SNOW!

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Comment by Sunday River Snowreporter on December 18, 2009 at 10:14am
Well played CartMan, well played.
Comment by CartMan! on December 18, 2009 at 12:01am
way to go PittsfieldBoy .,,, for the last 38 years, I have running from peak to peak, counting freakin flakes to insure maximum coverage and balance as well as dollar value for the wonderful SnowCrew dogs dragging hose only to find out that you don't care so much about the flakes????measuring progress by acres??!....square miles???/ you bastard ..EVERY FLAKE COUNTS..including you my far this season 8,206,926,895672,333,7059,8336 Big Flakes, and 545,876,432,654,690,123,6543,097 litlle ones!!! That totals 62 trails by my count....but who's listening??
Comment by Darcy Morse on December 16, 2009 at 11:25am
Excellent! Looking forward to part two! :)
Comment by skinnyskis on December 16, 2009 at 2:21am
1. You are correct. It is an inactive volcano.
2. The pool you are referring to is the skimming pond at Parrot Head. Pond, pool, a pond would be good. I sure loved that parrot suit.
3. Yes, a T-bar up Locke. My legs hurt thinking about it.
4. Every day is a deal at Sunday River. Even at full price. Less lines. Better skiing. Pepper suit wearing snow reporters.
5. Now about that Viking mascot suit. Can you say fur smock and a helmet with bovine protuberances?
6. Jack the total. Bring back Spruce Cliffs.
7. And the Maine State Police K-9 unit. Also a true story.
8. How about E-bay? I got some skinny skis for sale.
9. I am one of the "not so cool" dudes that skis down the middle wishing I could "jib it". I guess for me, it still is.
10. You forgot Santa Sunday. Dress like Santa (are you getting all the costume references) and ski free for that day, plus two more!
11. Correct. They count how many in one minute and multiply. Still comes out pretty close.
12. With 12 hour skiing could they add the whole town of Pittsfield to that? What's the pop?
13. It often has manmade avalanches. SR snowmaking rocks! "SR7lanches".
14. What gives with Three Mile?
15. That's a lot of 50's. Wait until Go 50 week!
16. 50+50=100. This better not be a coincidence.
17. The same number of bull moose spotted on the Monkey Brook road each year.
18. "Foggy Goggling" is a very popular non-skiing activity also available. Forgot your goggles? Go see Clint and his crew.
19. The Goggle has front row seats. I plan to arrive early.
20. Hint: if you want to remain friends, let Perfect Turn teach them. You go ski for free, they learn, and you save your relationship.
21. Or 6000 adolescent bull moose.
22. Don't snowbirds fly South? What do I know. My wife says I never ask for directions.
23. Now I only have to wait 7 minutes for the hot apple fritter at the Peak Lodge. Yum.
24. There are perfect turn models? When does the calendar come out?
25. New "Low E" tower guns on Shockwave + unfortunate trout in snowmaking pond = Shockwave Sushi?

Can't wait for the next 25!

Is this a warm up for the trivia contest during College Week?

Great job J-rod
Comment by OZSkier on December 16, 2009 at 1:25am
With regards to #1, after the great eruption of 1983 which formed the Jordan, OZ and Aurora peaks Sunday River is no longer considered an "active" volcano, however this statement is widely argued in scientific circles.

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