3 Ways Oil Tank Removal can Improve Your Life

If you live in New Jersey, then you know how common it can be to buy a home only to discover later down the road that it has a buried oil tank. You may be thinking “out of sight, out of mind”, but in reality, a buried oil tank poses a number of threats to your home and family. At the turn of the century, these tanks were used to heat homes, and they are all over the state buried in people’s yards. When you call for oil tank removal services, you are investing in a service that will improve your life significantly.



1-   Oil Tank Removal Improves the Resale Value of Your Home

When you buy a home, you want to make sure there are no underlying issues that can cause issues thus requiring expensive repairs. Because oil tanks are so old they will eventually crack and leak, causing soil contamination. If you are thinking of selling your home have a specialist come out and perform oil tank inspection services in which they test the ground for any potentially buried oil tank. Is there are no tanks present, get a certificate putting you in the clear (buyers will love you for it). If indeed a tank is discovered, invest in oil tank removal and list your home for a slightly higher price; many people are willing to pay more if the service has already been performed. Clearly, getting the most money possible for your home will help you and your family better settle into your next new home.


2-   Oil Tank Removal Protects You from Potential Lawsuits

Whether you are aware of an oil tank on your property or not, any leak exposure can welcome a lawsuit through multiple channels. For example, if your kids have friends over and one of them gets exposed to contaminated soil and gets ill (whether or not the illness is related to the spill) you could get sued. If you run a business from your home be it a day care, yoga classes, cutting hair, or anything, any client or person on your premises for professional reasons exposed to an oil tank spill can sue and potentially destroy your business. If you know you have an oil tank buried in the ground, but do nothing about it, someone could also sue you for negligence in addition to any contamination exposure.

3-   Oil Tank Removal Helps Ensure a Healthy Home

Would you want your kids playing outdoors in soil soaked with 100-year old oil? Imagine what it would be like if an oil tank leaked into your good water. When you call a local New Jersey company for residential oil tank removal, you are helping to keep your property clean and you are doing the environment a favor by using a green service which automatically makes you besties with Mother Nature while protecting your home and family!


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