Sunday River Community Guidelines

The Sunday River Community is provided and supported by Sunday River Resort as a venue for skiers and riders to connect and share their stories, ideas, opinions and experiences.

We ask that you respect the following rules:

1) Please restrict the use of foul language. This is a public community open to all ages and walks of life. If you need to swear, please go elsewhere.

2) Please respect your fellow community members. Defamatory language and personal attacks are not permitted. Criticizing ideas is fine. Criticizing people is not.

3) Please post no pornographic, offensive or explicit content. If find yourself wondering whether something is inappropriate, it most likely is.

4) Please do not participate in excessive flaming on the Forums. Nobody enjoys it.

5) Please restrict commercial posts to the Classifieds forum. Thou shall not spam.

Repeated failure to follow these rules will result in a member being banned from the community.

The content of this community is primarily contributed by community members, not the Resort, and the real-time nature of content contribution makes it impossible to review material before it is posted. Sunday River will make every effort to remove objectionable content and ban members contributing such content within a reasonable time frame if we determine that removal is necessary.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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