Hello Sunday Riveters,

I am a local teacher in the area trying to keep up with the radical changes in prices between summer and winter.

I am looking for a winter seasonal or possibly extended seasonal from November through May. It can range from a 1-3 bedroom but needs to be on the cheaper side.

If it is a 3 bedroom $6,000 is the max for a season (unless utilities are included), or 2 bedroom $5,000/5,500. 1 bedroom couldn't be more than $800 per month. 

I am a non-smoker, with no pets. If anyone has any information on a place that may fit, please let me know.



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Sent you a private message. Bill

Sara Morning!! Not sure if my other message went through, or not... my apt in Great Brook Preserve will be available next week. I can be reached at 978-764-1867. Michael Gallagher or gike@me.com


I have a one bedroom condo if interested.


Bryan, I have found a place but still have a friend who is looking. Can you send me your e-mail or phone number and I will pass it along?

it's my first name and last name (one word) @ gmail.com

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