As I posted on Thursday I went home early without taking a picture for Week #9. I am letting you post your best shots here to stump the group. They have to be Sunday River trails, on the ski map and taken within the last 8 weeks.

Please post your picture by Wednesday 6pm and everyone can take a Guess at multiple photos. Final answers will be posted on Friday!

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Yep, right before mid station

SundanceKid said:

Middle Lower Upper Punch for photo2

And what makes you think I give a Flyin' F**?

2nd pic is Punch. To the bank....

Still pondering 1st pic, but initial gut instinct (due to view of trails in foreground and peaks behind those trails in background) is saying "Kansas".

Gonna go with Kansas and Punch, in that order.
DickC said:

Trail map says Flying, but the trail list says Flyin'.....

Junior said:

Good thing you cleared up Flying and Flyin or we wouldn't have known hat you were talking about...
DickC said:

I'll take Kansas.  Taken at the intersection with Which Wax and Flying (Flyin) Monkey.

Entry #2: sensation.

I'll go with Northern Lights for picture #2 

Picture two is Sensation.

1) Sirius just beyond Upper Downdraft

2) Sunday Punch just around the corner from the mid station of Locke Triple.

2nd is Sunday Punch just before midstation (or more affectionately CFC).

Watch the language bud. This is a family site....

MachSki said:

2nd is Sunday Punch just before midstation (or more affectionately CFC).

The Thursday deadline is looming and since this is an experimental week, I want to share that no one has correctly guessed the trail in picture #1 yet. So, try again if you want, but keep it clean.

Phanga has been given the answer in case I am subdued by a white zoo bear while exploring QC.

OK, guess number 2 on picture one:  Jungle Road.

Hope not too late ... my first and only guess is Green Cheese with the lift cables just overhead and behind the view of the camera ....

Picture 2 ... Punch


is this a black diamond trail?

Glade Monkey said:

Might be too easy, but meets the requirements

Sunday River Trail Check mark symbol

On the ski map Check mark symbol

Taken within last 8 weeks Check mark symbol

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