Happy New Year!

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Yeah either all from So. Ridge (no webcam shots allowed) or from the skinners. Hoping wind forecasts are wrong. 

SteveSki said:

This should be interesting, 30 different trail posts coming on monday!!!

phanga said:

ESCAPADE is correct answer for Week#8 Guess that Trail. Not too often does the sugar pile up on skiers left in that area, that’s what confused a lot of people. Yesterday was fun no matter where you skied. Suppose to be windy today with temps dropping to uncomfortable conditions for the weekend, I’m outta here heading back home without a picture for Monday.

If anyone has a good shot on the mountain they think will fool the group, post it Monday morning after 6:00am when I open new thread


And junior nails another one.....(no WMS, this is not porn related..)

7 of 8 for me this season. I am the KING of Sunday River. THE KING!!! No one knows this resort better than I do.


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