Merry Christmas to All and a Happy Birthday to my son who is the mystery skier in the photo.

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Yeah ... I knew that or thought he pointed back up at the photohrapher's request in an attempt to confuse Junior.

DickC said:

Skier (happy birthday to him) is skiing backward.  You are looking up Cut back at Wildfire.  I cannot find it on the web site so it could be cut off, but I believe the lower one is cut back.


Looking upwards to the top of Lazy River...


Not sure of the name but coming off Downdraft toward AMEX where you have the option to go right to AMEX or left to Grand Rapids.

Guesses all over the place
Good job phanga

And your guess is.........

Wheelie said:

Guesses all over the place
Good job phanga

All night long I sing love's sweet songs
Down where the water flows
Way down, down along .............

UPPERCUT is correct answer for Week#7 Guess that Trail. Hawk had the only correct answer this week, congrats to him. Skier is going up towards Jungle Road on 2nd entrance on Uppercut. Tried to get my season stumper early where nobody gets correct answer. Guess I’ll have to try again later on.

Congrats to Hawk !!

Better luck next time Phanga!


Damn. Nice job Phanga. Ya finally got me.

Congrats Hawk. 

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