Merry Christmas to All and a Happy Birthday to my son who is the mystery skier in the photo.

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Jims Whim.  Merry Christmas to all!

Upper Cut


3 different guesses so far
I am waiting for junior

You're done cheating off me my friend. It seems every time I answer, you jump right in afterwards and name the same trail.

I know exactly what trail that pic is of, so why don't you let me know if you got it correct this time BEFORE I give you the correct answer.

What is your guess?

(BTW, I already pm'ed my answer to someone on this board, but they are sworn to secrecy until you give your guess, then that person will post my guess, but NOT BEFORE you post yours.)

Hint: my answer is NOT one of the above three.

Wheelie said:

3 different guesses so far
I am waiting for junior
I have been foiled again

Not if you guess correctly you haven't....

Wheelie said:

I have been foiled again

On Aludra looking up at Borealis where it joins Sirius.  Just to be different and independant.

Happy birthday to the mystery skier!


Another different answer - ridge run looking out onto Dreammaker.

Sensation going onto Dreamaker (right above Yetiville).

Skier (happy birthday to him) is skiing backward.  You are looking up Cut back at Wildfire.  I cannot find it on the web site so it could be cut off, but I believe the lower one is cut back.

Damn it, why did ya have to go and tell them which way the skier was facing? No one picked up on that. Now ya gone let the damn cat out of the bag and GoBU didn't put his answer up yet.


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