Not a good day for cell phone batteries. I stayed out late to get several shots before heading home for the big game. Took at least 10 good ones to stump ya’ll but when I looked at them this am, phone only retained one lame shot. Good luck ha ha.

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SIRIUS is correct answer for Week #6 Guess that Trail. 

And Junior goes 6 for 6. I am the King of Sunday River. The King!!!

Go ahead Phanga ol' friend, try to trick me with week 7. Just try. Betcha can't do it!!

Betcha I can if I take off gps on phone.

Bring it!!!

(Also, what does your GPS have to do with me getting every answer correct? Wouldn't I have to have your phone in my possession to make your GPS useful to me?)

phanga said:

Betcha I can if I take off gps on phone.

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