With colder temps on the way combined with some natural accumulation, trail count should go way up this week

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Good shot....2nd Mile

A second for Second Mile

Joining the second mile crowd ...

Must have been a fun weekend with the fresh snow


Easy one for a change.

2nd Mile....

2nd mile. Looks different today.

Joining the 2nd Mile High Club!

I am going in a different direction and calling this the junction of Aludra and Lights out.

Phanga does not poach, can't be.

RaGe said:


If the wind didn't close the place down I was considering Dream Maker, all grass it should open up tomorrow.

Well I thought for sure this would stump the panel, not!

All the folks I asked for assistance to post correct answer claim it is Second Mile? Looking at a trail map, my goal for today is to find Peak Easy, cause that was my guess.

SECOND MILE is correct answer for Week #5 Guess that Trail.

Nice crop job to hide the chondi and North Lodge and the big trail sign.

I thought it was Peak Easy too but based on the open trails and trail map I learned it was Second Mile.  I think it is another unnamed area . If Exit Left is a trail, what is the name of the trail that goes from Lower Downdraft to Amex?  I have always called it Backdraft.

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