Forgot to post on Monday, so if your day dragged on and on while you waited for a new picture to identify, here it is!

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Lower Lazy River

I was worried about you phanga. I almost called patrol to look for you on the side of the trail when you didnt post yesterday 

That lift in the upper right corner is the give-away ...... Now only if I knew which lift it is.  My GUESS is that it is the Locke Mountain Triple and the trail we are looking at in the picture is Cascades.


Phew - worried about you Phanga lol.

Escapade it is.

Lower Lazy River, photographer possibly standing on Mixing Bowl.

 Lower Lazy at the exit going back to barker. Standing in mixing bowl. New Spruce chair in upper right corner

something in South Ridge (all the same to me) looking back up at Spruce.  As best I can do.

Lower Lazy River.  Nice catch of new Spruce Towers in the background!

Agree with Lower Lazy River

I'm stumped.  The lift in the background looks to be a Doppelmayr.  The only Doppelmayr lift with a cluster of towers like that is the North Peak at the top of Northern Exposure.  Unless this picture has been reversed, there is no terrain open that would give you this view.

lower lazy river

Lower lazy. I tried to find the spot but too foggy today.

Lower LR.

Lift in background is a dead giveaway. Love it when Phanga gives clues with the pics. (Whether he means to or not).

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