Couldn’t get internet connection in France till day two of my trip. Sorry for lateanswer and photo.

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Outta Here

Northway, looking towards Escapade and standing under the NPX.

I am with Max, Northway...


I should have been with Max too.


GoBU, what say you? Northway? or................Could this be one of Phanga's famous curveballs?


MB's favorite trail, Northway

I'm thinking Northway as well, but that Phanga is a tricky one when we think it's too easy.

OK, Northway it is. Just seems too obvious, but....Northway!!

Northway.  How come there are two of these?

Phanga had bad internet connection in France and didn't know he posted twice

DickC said:

Northway.  How come there are two of these?

Upper Northway

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