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Thanks Phanga. Even though I don't often post a guess, the photos are always a fun challenge to look at. Enjoy your summer.

And jr ends the season with a strong back to back to back to back (and maybe a belly to belly in there as well).

Thanks for the time and effort Phanga. Your skills in the photog arena are awesome. Can't wait for next season (which for SR will most likely be January).

Thanks again for the great photos. Had a ton of fun playing this year.

Ditto on what Jr said  (except for the strong back to .........) for me too Phanga ... great fun and thanks for your much appreciated efforts .  Looked forward to the picture and the answer each week.  Looking forward to today's picture.

Happy Easter to all!


Thanks Phanga!

really enjoy these, even though I don't get (m)any correct :-)

next year, just put me down for whatever Jr says!

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