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"So", and ".".
Wheelie said:

so 10 years ago

Junior said:

What really should surprise you is that I know how to spell "surprised".

And while you're at it, you can add "so" to that list as well.

Wheelie said:

Surprisrd junior is taking ao long with this one?
He must be stumped?

Northern Lights

I am going to throw a random one out there.

Tourist Trap

DREAM MAKER is correct answer for Week #12 Guess that Trail. Again what I thought was an easy one, stumping everyone it did. Shot was taken just after fork to Escapade, 100 yds down on skiers right looking back.

Hmmm I see it now. Grading of the snow threw me off on this one.  The snow doesn't usually drop off that much on that side. Here to hoping Phil is correct and winter naturally fills in that area for us.

Good job Phanga.  See don't try so hard and we can't get it.

I knew it was in that vicinity as you can seen downdraft through the trees.

The trees and snow gun had me doubting my guess.  But I see GM made a similar guess so I put my doubts aside.  Nice one Phanga.  Look forward to the next one.


No mistake GM ... I was happy to see a SR regular had thought the same as I had.  I've only been to the place about 3 times and one year (2015/16) was so icy and rainy that we only had about a day and 1/2 on the hill.

A smaller group from NS coming this year ... unfortunately and sadly I'm not among them, again.

Hope your season picks up and goes well !


Damn. Good one Phanga. I’m still 10 for 12 though I think.


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