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Always like to be different even if it means being wrong .... Paradigm (looking up) is my guess. Just hope it was open yesterday.

Cowardly Lion (pulled that out of my arse)

Upper Punch

I think Sundance kid nailed this with Upper Punch.

Risky Business

I am also going with Risky.

What was the lion doing up there to begin with? Something you wanna tell us big fella?

As for the pic, gonna go with Risky as well, unless the pic is looking back up hill from a different trail, in which case, I will go with Sunday Punch (upper).

(But I think it's RB).

Maineskier69 said:

Cowardly Lion (pulled that out of my arse)


UPPER SUNDAY PUNCH is correct answer for Week #10 Guess that Trail

And Junior nails another one....

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