This place blows. Wish I was in Utah.

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Keep trying to confirm that you made the right decision….we support you.  2 years ago, you were pro pro CO….all good.  We understand. 

Skiing sux...nothing more to say really.
Tough it out Jr. - in a few days you'll be back at K.

I am sure the recent law change regarding a certain leafy matter that one smokes may of had something to do with picking Co over Ut...

The whole leafy matter situation with the recent law changes are really just a confirmation of what people were already doing under the radar. No matter where you go these days you can get what you are looking for if you know what you are doing.  People who like that sort of thing usually are way in front of that before they get there.  There was no shortage in CA, UT and WY when I was there and there are no laws.  I am sure Jr. skis where ever he has work or friends ....or snow.

Looks like this damn white stuff is falling from the skies again, and reports are showing it will continue into Tuesday morning.

This really sucks. Can't wait to get back to that great east coast skiing.

Off to breakfast buffet at Arrabelle, then 1st Gondi.  Wish this white stuff would quit it already....

We have "blower" snow on Top Gun. Who needs Vail.
Well let's just hope they groom out the glades for you with their mini-groomers!

Been puking powder here all day. Crappy snow kept us in the crappy trees up to our crappy knees and crappy waists. Looks like this crappy snow will continue all night long for another crappy powder day tomorrow.


This place blows. No where near as good as Utah, and not even close to that Maine blower.


Cartman I have not been by to see Dylan yet, but will try before we leave here on Thursday. Can you pm me his work schedule if you know it? Thanks.


BTW, did I mention how crappy the skiing is here?

got any "crappy" Pix JR?

Not really. I did text a pic to KC if he knows how to post it. I do not have the cord I need to download pics from my phone to my Surface.


KC does have a pic though of a tree stash we were in around noon today if he can post it. That was about noon and it snowed another 6 or so inches from that pic till the mountain closed.


I will take some pics  tomorrow and post them when we get home on Friday.

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