This is an open forum to discuss your love for beer, and, or, distaste for it.

 What are your favorite styles,.. brands.  Which resorts have the best, or, signature brews?  And which have the worst? etc

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BobR,  I saw your future today!!!!

I would like wifi and speakers as well.

CartMan! said:

BobR,  I saw your future today!!!!

Happy Summer of 2017!
A triple IPA with 9.6% but which doesn't have that excessive alcohol taste...enjoy and drink more than a couple at your own risk


Happy Fathers' Day !!

Thanks to Stoo from SRBC for finally putting "Viper" in a one quart Crowler so that I can get

out of work and bring just "ONE" beer on the boat for a quick spin .

Hello my 7.6% friend.

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