Hi folks!
I just wanted to give you a heads up that Spectrum thought that it would be fun to change us from channel 7 to channel 1301 unannounced, effective this morning. We're working with several different agencies to resolve this, but for the time being you can find us in the deep, dark, far reaches of the Spectrum network on channel 1301. Our live broadcasts are back for the season, so tune in this weekend to harass our new host, Bob!

If you have any trouble receiving Sunday River TV 7 (errr... Sunday River TV 1301?), please reach out to Spectrum directly at 1-844-830-4787. If you want to let them know that you're not too pleased with this change, I'm not going to stop you! ;)

Thanks a bunch, & happy shredding! 

- Nora

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Could you post all the social campaign links or #s for the Spectrum campaign here?


This link might be the most helpful. Pop in "Put Sunday River TV back on channel 7" in the Favorite Channel field- https://www.spectrum.com/channelrequests.html?cid=smsvid




Thank you all for your support-- we need it more now than ever & every little bit helps!

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