If there was one, my first card would read " Open the North Peak Chair at 8am on weekends and Holidays so that I can leave the South Ridge area at first chair and continue to ski North Peak w/o having to crowd the Chondi as new skiers arrive".  What else ...... ???

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Heated chair seats

I will take one good tap and a bathroom in Barker bar
Make a firm commitment to keep Tightwire open. Very happy they opened the fence to open it - but I fear the racing program is going to always win out. It seems so simple to keep that trail open on race days but sometimes they can't be bothered to consider it and just close it. And with no 1500 road - it cuts out of a good chunk of natural bump runs.

And I'm also begging groomers to leave wider swaths on side for bumps. I think they've gotten better last few years but bottom of cascades is a flat pancake now.

Build an employee housing complex and pay a living wage for snow making.

All good above. I’d add warming hut at bottom of Jordan lift and bigger pizza slices at barker. 



and mini groomers in the trees for semipro

MonkeyBrook said:

I will take one good tap..... at barker

I almost forgot....more fire pits.  What about one outside of the sugar house?  Maybe some hot chocolate served by eddie and betty on cold days?

Probably need Mike Dann's suggestion first, but pick one of the Snowmaking double blacks that rarely see a cat and dedicate to making top quality snow all season on it.  Just one of them with good snow on it when ma nature doesn't cooperate for non groomed fun.

While we are at it, I would like a bowling alley and as previously suggested a sea lion show in barker Pond.

Please install a boot drying rack in every resort establishment for every moron who falls into a creek and gets their ski or snowboard boots wet.


2CE0B411-C318-4110-B4E7-0F9F66348108.jpegGood point...forgot that one. 

Wheelie said:


and mini groomers in the trees for semipro

MonkeyBrook said:

I will take one good tap..... at barker

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