Anyone play it yet? 

 Curious how the new owners have kept up the conditions.  There is a certain art to maintaining conditions on a mountain course and from what I have heard there is a decent amount of new talent on the grounds crew. 

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Played it Memorial Day weekend, $65 on a Saturday morning with a cart. 15 and 16 were playing on temporary greens. The fairways were a hot mess. Most of the greens were good, but it was pretty clear that the course was not properly maintained since like last fall. 

Pro shop was apologizing for the shape of the course, but were overall grumpy. Hope that's changed since they've gotten their sea legs. 

My friends played it this past Sat. on their annual SR/Loaf Golf trip.

They said it was "the worst they have ever seen it" and they always do this trip in Mid June.

On the other hand they said The Loaf was in fine shape.....

Course almost feels cursed IMO.

This is exactly what I was afraid of.  I have my SR golf trip in August and may need to rethink the plan to play there.  

I plan on playing sometime 4th of July week. I'll post an update.

Don't go to sucks, it's windy and it's a long drive. Sunday River rules....literally, everyone goes there !!!

Rippy, we are coming to SL to gonna meet up w us?  Come on, we can ride, have a few beers and you can show us the trails...>MB

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