Is there any updates on the status of work being done on the Spruce chair? Rumors circulate from updates to the work performed last summer to a part being given to Sugarloaf for King Pine repairs. Am curious as to when snow making will begin on Sprice?

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Well, you can scratch part to SL for King Pine.  They are getting an entirely new Doppelmyer drive unit and station for KP, parts are no longer similar at the drive anyway.

Drive was found to have some broken teeth in the area it connects to the gearbox during summer maintenance. This meant removing the bullwheel and gearbox. Bullwheel was found to have some cracks, so that too was fixed. New drive shaft and a rebuilt gearbox. Looks like bullwheel is back on so perhaps they are waiting for the tram inspector before they add the chairs. Will need a full load test to be good to go.

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