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Deep Powder Day!
Wow, what a storm! We scored another 12" overnight giving us a whopping storm total of 36-42" and just like that MRG has been utterly transformed into a powdery paradise. MRG is truly back in business with yet another deep powder day for the MRG faithful to enjoy with some of the deepest fluff many of us have wallowed in. We'll be ripping up 100% of our main-mountain terrain serviced by the Single Chair and the Sunnyside Double today with stunning powder and packed powder skiing surfaces. Please be aware that while the powder is certainly deep there may still be a tad bit of thinness and firmness lurking in a few places. We'll be spinning the lifts today beginning at 9 AM with our regular midweek hours. The grooming fleet was out in force laying down the corduroy carpet on a tremendous selection of our blues and greens.  While this ski season has certainly had it's ups and down we are so incredibly thankful to have re-emerged from the dark place we have been residing of late. It truly is remarkable how one single storm can deliver us to the promised land of powder skiing - thank you Mother Nature, we needed this!

Avalanche @Sunday River! Haha I kid you not! I toe turned on steep section in the woods and it all broke off and slid down and all compacted about 20 down. Got some cool pics of it, can't figure out how to post them here with just my phone.

Jay Peak got another 12-14" in the last 24hrs bringing a total of 52" out of this "Stella Storm"....

I skied Jay Peak Tues & Wed. Needless to say it was incredible. Thigh to waist deep all over the mountain. Everything was open. Couldn't even leave the hotel Tuesday night. Shuttle buses stopped running. I left Wed. afternoon after skiing and it was still dropping over an inch an hour. Easily the deepest snow I've ever skied in.
Maineskier69 said:

Jay Peak got another 12-14" in the last 24hrs bringing a total of 52" out of this "Stella Storm"....

The stoned glasses that I wear are to protect my high eyes from broken rocks.

But, in my defenselessness, the $ 5000 tap tab pales in disrespect for my Doc' Rx that was

court ordered to help me with my booziness. Heldup OKay?! Stop being a b******' balderdash MissedWinner.

MissWynter said:

Boozers shouldn't throw stoned rocks in glass houses.

(I think bar tap is closer to $5000 than $500 though)

Junior said:

Now I'm more lost than I was a post ago.....

Mike Dann said:

Funny folks drooping over $500 bucks a season on beer in Barker talking smack about weed.

love The Avalanches.  videos always insane.

CartMan! said:

Thanks for the explanation.. makes sense now

Sorry Cartman that kind of escalated. Ya use the word Totally in a post and you are all of a sudden Spokoli. Judge me all you want for a pea size nugget in the course of a day on the mt if you all must. On a side note I dont think my comment was all that confusing I think a lot of folks on here must be the ones in the movie theater . "What's going on? I'm don't understand, I'm lost". ...Not like trying to follow Dennis Miller's Weekend Update. ; - /

No need to apologize MD, it's all in good fun.

Plus my comment was aimed towards Marylou anyways.

Was at Cannon today for a quick day trip.

fresh pow to be had in the glades (boy, Cannon makes their glades hard to find... one little entrance and the signs are purposely set back into the woods... keeps the poseurs/tourists out :-)  

Groomers and moguls were all good too.  Cannon got 6" Wed night - to go with 20" from the storm - and it was very dry/fluffy.  

Last 2 days have been A++++++++. Everything in play, beautiful snow everywhere. Have a great ski day folks!!!!

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