Looks like the guns are firing up on White Cap (this is from a web cam, otherwise I would get a better picture).

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green cheese?!

They have been blowing RR since, at least yesterday, still going this AM.

Why is it that SR is afraid to publish their intended priority list of snowmaking trails?  Why is RR and WC a surprise?

Are they afraid their choices are so far from the wishes of their dedicated customer base?  Or do they have just so little regard for the ability of their dedicated customer base to understand if temps jump to the 50's the plan gets delayed and adjusted?

Sorry to hijack your thread, but just wondering.

No, I was totally thinking the same thing. I think they got burned on opening day, due to the winds taking out the power (and opening less then they expected), so they are only advertising a sure thing. I figured they where going to get Little White Cap, Road Runner, and White Cap Lift (although obviously not tempest, since they haven't started making snow on it) to service the hotel for Thanksgiving, but they are only talking about South Ridge for tomorrow and not mentioning anything else (even though they are have started making snow on Spruce, from other reports). All that being said, it is going to be warmer today and rain tomorrow, so I think they are just making as much as they can while they can. In fact, I have been wondering why they just don't go all out to get as much open as possible, but they probably make more process with fluctuating temperatures (and rain) if they go crazy on a few trails, rather then try to make snow on a ton of trails at once.  From what I can see they make snow on about 8 (advertised) trails at a time, I have no idea how close to capacity that is (and you can't count capacity by trails, since they are vary widths and lengths.

It's strange (different than prior years) that they are making snow on WhiteCap right now.  Easy Street (connection from Barker to SouthRidge) was still bare last weekend and that's usually one of the first. If they don't have that, it makes getting back to SouthRidge much harder.  They would hopefully have connected Lazy River to the top SouthRidge by the weekend.

Weather has been fickle we've benefited from some deep cold evenings but a lot of warm ups in between, looks like a few more cycles of it through the weekend.

This and it sounds like they have avoided making snow on or near Spruce until the lift was fully certified (so while Lazy River is basically set snowise, the portion needed to link from Risky over across Amex hasn't been started yet).  In years past, they have pushed for the link to White Cap early to link in at least one of the hotels by Thanksgiving.  They had backed off that the last couple of years but without condo inventory now, perhaps they want something ski in/out if they can.

The powerless opening weekend resulted in some feed issues up from the river as well.  I think they've done a good job considering that tough hand delt that weekend.  When we can get some consistent cold in place, they should expand out rapidly.  Hopefully by next week if the forecasts hold.

Beachphan said:

Weather has been fickle we've benefited from some deep cold evenings but a lot of warm ups in between, looks like a few more cycles of it through the weekend.

Meanwhile,... the death battle to see which North Peak bartender gets to open Saturday.

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