Anyone see this?

This is really sad.

I left on Monday, so wasn't up there last night. I do have a security camera facing the hill, but it only records on big motion (it recorded the groomers at 10:15-10:25 last night).  

My kids have always asked to bring sleds up and I always have said no, but now I have good hard proof of why it would be a bad idea.

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My kids when younger used to sled all the time on Escapade until someone got hurt but not to badly, Yes sad

It’s now the lead story on NECN

Sickening, thought and prayers to the families involved here.  Damm, that sucks.

Victim identified. Horrified to learn he was a high school senior in our town.

Yes, sickening. Way too young....

So sad, tell your kids to never sled with anything with no way of stopping unless its wide open with no trees or medal objects. How traumatic for the 3rd kid !!

Very sad indeed.  Thoughts and prayers.

Very Sad.  Thoughts and prayers for the family.

Same thing happened at Wildcat in Dec. '12

Tragic. Stuff like this really reminds you that, regardless of your way down the mountain (skis, snowboard, teles, or in this case, sledding) and/or how experienced you are with your method of descent, the mountain (or any mountain) is still a dangerous place. Thoughts and prayers for the families and loved ones involved.

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