Not good news from Saddleback.  The Berry family have been good stewards of Saddleback, but are living proof of the old saying "if you want to make a small fortune start with a larger one and buy a ski resort".  Would be a real shame (not to mention a serious blow to the local economy) if they can't operate this season. They've been looking for a buyer since 2012, maybe we should start a collection?

Owner says Saddleback won't reopen without funding for new chairlift

RANGELEY, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Berry Family announced Monday in a press release to all media outlets that Saddleback will not open for the winter season unless it can get $3 million in financing to purchase a new four-person chairlift to replace the aging 4,717-foot Rangeley Double Chair.

The 51-year-old lift is the main access from the base lodge to the top of Saddleback Mountain and is at the end of its useful life according to mountain officials.

"In order for Saddleback to be sustainable for the long-term, we've decided the lift must be replaced," said Mark Berry, owner, Saddleback, Maine. "For the last several months, we've been actively seeking the necessary financing to replace the chairlift, however time is running out. We only have a few weeks to make this work. In order to open this winter, we need to order the new lift by early August."

The Berry Family says they have informed all employees of the potential changes in winter operations and has guaranteed that all season pass holders will be reimbursed. They also tell media that vendors will be paid in full if the mountain does not open for the ski season.

From Saddleback:

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Still a lot of skepticism out there. I don't think the deal has even closed yet. Can anyone confirm ?

Fingers crossed hoping that Saddleback comes roaring back to life. Hard not to be skeptical though until there are some more tangible signs that it is going to happen.

They have yet to close.

It would be amazing for the mountain to open this year, but the latest is that they plan to remove the double and install a replacement... now. I'm no expert, but even if they had perfect weather, I would think that they would need the stars to align amazingly to pull that off, especially given that they don't even own the mountain yet.

Ripsaw said:

Still a lot of skepticism out there. I don't think the deal has even closed yet. Can anyone confirm ?

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