It is with regret that we announce the end of an era. The Bust ’n’ Burn mogul competition has reached the end of its life cycle and is no longer on the event calendar.


Born in the late 1980s, Bust ’n’ Burn grew into one of the biggest amateur mogul competitions in New England in the early 1990s and was the largest event at Sunday River during that era. Over the following decades, however, the popularity of Bust ’n’ Burn slowly declined with fewer spectators, fewer competitors, and fewer sponsors. 


In recent seasons we’ve tried to revive the event – moving back to White Heat, increasing marketing, adding competitor swag, and improving the venue – but by last year, half of the available competitor spots were left empty and spectators were limited. We also met with key advocates of the event to explore possible format changes, but were unsuccessful in identifying new options the group believed could work. Bust ’n’ Burn will always be a part of Sunday River’s history, but its evolution has come to an end.


Thank you to everyone who has been a part of Bust ’n’ Burn over the years, from its humble beginnings through the Legends Of Freestyle, the pro bump skiers, and the hundreds of amateurs who gave it their best.

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I agree with letting Gould take it over if the mountain doesn't want to deal with it, but I think SR squashed that idea a while back if I'm not mistaken.

So much easier to host a booze fest than it is to host an on mountain event that the kids and families who support the local economy would enjoy. Don't forget these are the same families who turned down management's great idea to extort more money from them so they could cut the lift lines. Management will only do if it makes them look good.... and increases their bottom line.   Wanna save some $$$ dump that money sucking hate filled mountain to the north

Erik Mason said:

As they say money talks and BS walks, which I finally took my typical BnB weekend "fun"dage of ~$500 per person and we had a group of 15-20 people who competed and would partake in all the festivities and we now bring over to Killington for BMMC. So at a minimum we were an approximately $7,000 weekend spend give or take a few bones. If I remember correctly the last year of BnB there were 125+ competitors (a pretty significant jump YoY). If even half of that competitor field were in that $400-$500 PP spend category that is a cool $25K+ in revenue potential from one event.

It makes a ton of sense that the appeal of an event waxes and wanes over time for a variety of issues (weather/conditions related, state of economy, etc.), but similar to major business to business tradeshows/conferences that evolve over time though they still maintain their core audience by demonstrating their commitment to them.

Dumont Cup and other "signature" events that ultimately died out - as to why exactly it did baffles the F out of me since the whole "no one cares about moguls because of terrain park interest eclipses it" argument would make you think that the Dumont Cup should still be relevant - seems to be not because of natural changes in the sport, but because these events need to account for and manage the associated evolution of the sport over time (translation - either laziness, inexperience, or ineptitude or the trifecta). Maybe they didn't want to pay the royalty for using his name brand, but that's an easy go around with simply renaming the event if need be. Worth noting, even if Simon isn't competing he's an industry icon so his name certainly has huge relevance, much like Michael Jordan is to basketball all these years later and still has a signature brand that draws a high-paying crowd.

SkierX Throwing HEATERS!!!

I agree it's certainly way easier to host a boozefest (though fraught with huge liability too) than an actual event that requires real planning and an integrated strategy. Having done the latter myself running events for Solitude and The Canyons in Utah the plan always involved a target revenue metric to give it a true P&L center rather than just treating events as an operating cost center. Many mountains often make the latter mistake with regards to their events. So again, just scratching my head since a proper event can and should be profitable, while making management look good too.

Extorting money to get preferred line access seems like really small potatoes to make themselves look good or improve the bottom line in a meaningful way, but sadly many resort operators seem to be all too good at playing such short gain games. Just can't wrap my head around how that would fly as being a good idea in the eyes of SR management, but a high-quality annual event that rewards and retains the long timers (i.e. families invested into the area with real estate, multi-generation passholders, etc.) is frowned upon. Quite enigmatic for sure.

Hate filled mountain to the north? I'm assuming you mean Saddleback? Just guessing since I wouldn't put the Loaf in that description category based on my own experiences, and I know there is a tremendous amount of pain and anger being directed at the new owners/management of Saddleback - and rightly so - not opening yet again.

I was referring to the loaf... don't tell anyone up there that you are from Sunday river aka their financial backer.  Sidenote to the pics of your Bust n Burn t shirts.... the powers that be were so far out of touch they thought the event was called the bust and burn... hello Bust n Burn

If that is true curious the relationship between SR/Boyne and Saddleback?  

As far as BNB, or any events for that, I don't see the mountain promoting a lot.  Les did a lot of great things, but I don't think he gets enough credit for being a great marketer.  He got people excited about skiing.  I feel now SR today rests on their laurels (snowmaking and grooming) sort of a "build it and they will come philosophy."  It's evident in phenomenal conditions the past 4-5 weekends and minimal crowds.
Erik Mason said:

Hate filled mountain to the north? I'm assuming you mean Saddleback? Just guessing since I wouldn't put the Loaf in that description category based on my own experiences, and I know there is a tremendous amount of pain and anger being directed at the new owners/management of Saddleback - and rightly so - not opening yet again.

Pondskimmer  #11 : Ghost of Bust n Burn

Great job Sunday river... another top notch event.... love the freestyle spirit ....allowing  competitors to drink while skiing in the event.  Great idea the crowd seemed to love it

Once again,  Bust 'n' Burn steals the show.  Nora,  we need the video of the whole run...including the part where they threw Skier X in the pond.

Never went in the pond 

Lil sister in NH can handle a bump comp...

MonkeyBrook said:

Ga2, I think you need to post of some of your past BnB run videos, they are classic 

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