its our year... we are gonna dominate (again)

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We will acquire a starter.

MachSki said:

What is a bit funny is I would have thought in Pitching, Yankees needed another starting arm.  Pen is quite good as is.  This moves sets them up for a strong post season pen, but this move alone only increased their odds of winning the East marginally (according to some of the stat agencies).  So MB, do you think Cashman is done or is another deal yet to come for the Yankees.  Obviously it won't be Quintana whom you speculated earlier this season.

MonkeyBrook said:

easy Mach, no moves that involve us trading away our future.  Clippard is not our future.  We gave up a good outfield prospect, but we are I am totally on board.

MachSki said:

Supposedly it has.  How fast you Yankee fans switch gears.  First, you don't want to any moves.  Now, you're in love with it. I'll say this, at least Yankee mgmt knows how to read their fan base.  

MonkeyBrook said:

Between Yanks and sox for Frazier, Robertson and Kahnle....Yanks throwing in Clippard from MLB team and some prospects.  would love to see this happen, Frazier is NJ kid, NYY are his team. 

I was at the game last night rain delay then 15 innings 1:20 AM ending. Started with good seats but as folks left early we went down to awesone 3rd row behind plate seats. What a blast to end it clearing everything by Hanley. Sox have a quality team going.
9 more Ks for Sale to put him over 200 for the season. Guy is unreal.

Did Aaron Judges home run land yet?  He broke stat cast.  And the video of him playing catch w young Mariners fan.  Guy is so good for the game:

Yanks 2 back in loss, healthy again and reloaded w a few studs.  I think a starter is on the way, should be interesting finish.

Zen Master said:

9 more Ks for Sale to put him over 200 for the season. Guy is unreal.

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