Anybody have a place at Red House Farm Village? I noticed that there are currently four properties for sale there; wondered if this is normal cyclical turnover or if there was a management change or something. Also, in one of the property descriptions it says "accessible for some (depending on ability level) to ski home from the White Cap peak." Would this be the old "Time To" trail from Moonstruck that led down to one of the Grand Summit parking lots?

(Love our place on-mountain but I have my eye on RHFV for when our kids are grown and we value privacy over ski in/ski out)

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As far as I understand these are all privately held homes, there is no "management".  There is always 1-2 in there for sale, nice location.  As far as skiing can haul right down the access road right over the top of the snow banks.

Always kick myself for not making a move on one of those lots when they were languishing back in early/mid 2000’s.  The build out is nicely done for an association.  When I last looked there was a management company for road/grounds maintenance but don’t know who.  An owner at White Cap Condos purchase a lot and built as the project was concluding ... for same reason you’re considering.  They been there for years and couldn’t be happier.

Never skied it, but hiked the trail years (and years) ago and it does tie into the snowshoe/mtb trail that connects with trails that lead into Time Two and/or split up around shoulder of White Heat peak. The trail is not as pronounced as it was previously but you can still see the clearing on the left of the access road a hundred feet or so before you approach Grand Summit sign.  Up hill of all of the houses. The trail crosses the road and leads into XC Center trails.  Happy house hunting!!

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