Looking for recommendations for a general contractor up in the Newry/Bethel area. 

I have a deck area that would like to get built as well as a very large set of outdoor stairs. 

Any advice would be great! 

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Pat Roma:  He is great, many know him.  He did our deck, basement, and a bunch of other stuff.   Bandy, PM me and I will shoot you his Cell # vs putting it out in public.

Jeremy Morin from Jerbeck Construction - Very good and honest.  

He helped maintain my first ski house and built my second.  Multiple years later I would still recommend him.

Feel free to reply with questions or to request his mobile # and email  


A second for Pat Roma. He does all the work around the South Ridge town homes. He does excellent work.

Another great choice would be Mike Taylor.

I can highly recommend Jeremy Morin. I hired Jeremy to finish my basement and he did great work. I've had plenty of bad experiences with local contractors and Jeremy is the only person I would hire again. I only regret not meeting Jeremy earlier before I built my house.

Hi - I just sent friend requests to Monkey Brook, Shane, and Bill.  I want to PM you for the phone numbers of these guys.  We may be looking for some renovation work.




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