I am slowly getting closer to taking the drop on a quarter share at either the Grand Summit or Grand Jordan hotels. As I crunch the numbers to make this work out for me and my family, I am trying to get a handle on the opportunities to get some rental income coming back in my direction. My plan is to essentially allow my unit to be in the rental pool for all of the 13 weeks that I own and only use it via the space available policy.

So I would like to get some input on other's successes or failures in getting rental money back on their property.

I appreciate you answers and opinions as I try to make this work out.

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I don't know any quarter share owners, but we evaluated that option 3 years ago or so. We were not interested on the income side but given my job the space avail to stay was essential. We were advised that outside of early and late season, space avail rooms were very scarce to come by. That pushed us to full ownership at the condos. So be sure to investigate the space avail potential fully if that is how you intend to stay in addition to the income on your quarter weeks.

Hey Jarod, we've owned at the Summit for 10 years since I retired, a sleep-4 studio.  In the first few years the rentals were pretty good, and we made enough to come close to paying the maintenance fees.  Since Boyne took over, the rental income has dropped quite a bit.  I think we've been subsidizing the group ski-and-stay deals that SR offers.  But the past couple of months the income has been better.  We've averaged around a bit over $1,000/year in rental income since Boyne.  But don't base a budget on much rental income.

Space A used to pretty much be always available in the past, especially since we always ski midweek.  However, in the past few years, probably due to good marketing on SR's part, it's become less and less available.  Impossible most weekends during prime time and the same for weekdays from February vacation through March.  Check out the Owner Services website to see this for yourself.  Other than prime ski season, though, you should always be able to get Space A.  We use it often in the summer and fall.  And it's great to have both hotels plus the hotel at Sugarloaf in play. (Although we long for the days when we had Killington, Mt. Snow, Attitash, Steamboat and Canyons available back in the ASC time when we bought.)

We give 2 weeks to the Boyne Vacation Club each year so we can get free membership to Interval International.  The exchanges have worked out well for us.  For example, last fall we spent a week in a beautiful one bedroom condo at the Marriott Ocean Club in Aruba on an exchange. I like the point system with Interval rather than the weeks with RCI.  That's something else to look into.

We own at the Summit because of the convenience.  That road up to Jordan can be tough, and it's a long trip every time you want to go into Bethel.   Plus we've been burned a number of times when staying there as the Jordan lift is often on hold and you're forced to use the shuttle.  But if everything is running properly, there's nothing like skiing out of Jordan first thing on a powder day.

I don't know what your family situation is, but my wife and I have really enjoyed owning here.  But remember, as I was told before we bought and have realized since, this is not a real estate investment which will increase in value over time.  The maintenance fees will never go down, but the value of your unit may.  Our unit would probably today fetch about half of what we paid for it. 

Good luck with your decision.

I appreciate the responses this thread has received so far. I will be skiing at the River over the weekend and plan to view a couple condos at the Grand Summit.

Grand Summit pioneer has had a place there forever, perhaps you can ping him on the side.

Hi Jarrod, I am  10 year owner at Summit also.  Nice write-up by Old Timer.  Basically our studio rental pays the maintenance costs, around $2k a year.  We do use some of our weekends during the winter.  We also rent a 1 bedroom condo at Riverbend because Space-A isn't always available.  We come up most every weekend during ski season.  Another benefit is an owners locker and access to the health club 24x7.  The lockers at the Summit are bigger than Barker's.

We've been Summit owners for about 20 years.  We bought one of the last available units in the "old" part of the hotel, before the newer east wing was added.  I agree with what pretty much everyone else has been saying.  Rentals and space available used to be much better.  And, I agree that Boyne's "marketing" is the reason.  Our feeling is that they are practically giving away the rooms so that they can make money on the lift tickets.  Our rental income used to cover all our condo fees and taxes all the time, with enough left over for lift tickets or passes in good years.

I'm not sure that they are such a bad investment in terms of resale, though.  We would be lucky to get back 50 cents on the dollar, but the market was very low last time we checked, and has probably bottomed out.  I don't think it will increase much, but flat is better than declining.

We have a lockout unit.  That's a studio-with-kitchen next door to a standard 2-bed hotel room, connected by an interior door.  We think of it as a sleeps-6 unit, but it generally rents out as 2 separate rooms.  These small rooms in the old wing, with the windows facing the mountain, are the best renting units.  The larger 1-bedroom units cost more, so they don't rent as often.

If you have a single studio room, your space available option is just that.  With our lockout, though, we can "downsize" to a 1 bedroom.  This season, most of our space available time has been in 1 bedrooms.

We're 5 year owners of a lockout (studio/hotel unit) at Grand Summit and as Beasly stated, it can be rented multiple ways which helps with the income. We come up from RI 2 long weekends/1 week per January-March and rent it the rest of the time. We use space available to go to the Fall Festival every year and haven't had a problem with space. We even were able to get space during February vacation week to add on to our 'normal' weekend time.
It comes close to covering maintenance fees for us, and it is MUCH cheaper than renting the same duration each year. We most likely won't make our initial investment back, but there is something satisfying to pay $100 or so for 3 nights on the mountain. We looked into purchasing a condo, specifically since we don't always get school vacation weeks, but couldn't justify the additional expense. We'll look to space available or rental of a condo if we really want that week!
Oh, and the rental income is a tax writeoff... Good luck!

Wonder if people still feel that owning at Grand Summit is worth it, i am looking into it at this time.

I am looking at the sleep 4 studios and trying use it 3 weeks and get the maintenance out of renting what i can of the other 10 weeks.

is there anyone renting on their own as oppose to letting them do it. And also, wonder how much is the realty trying to make on top of the owners ask, is there  a way to buy directly from the owners?

Thanks in advance for your responses.

Luis, I still feel the same way as 3 years ago.  In fact, we sold our studio and bought a one bedroom lockout.  Rental income seems to have gone up a bit as SR is doing more conference and wedding business in the off season.  Prices are really cheap now compared with years ago.  Some people have used the Summit Facebook page to offer units for sale directly.

Thank you,

Glad to hear that, would you mind sharing the facebook page, I am looking into it, but the page i found has no posts since 2013.

 If some of you are only using the place a few weekends a year then why don't you just rent a room those few weeks ? why go thru all the added expense of owning it and trying to rent it out. Am I missing something.

Sorry not trying to be snide it just seems like a lot of money for fees, almost better to buy a small house within 15 minutes of mountain and rent it out from time to time.

Mike Dann said:

 If some of you are only using the place a few weekends a year then why don't you just rent a room those few weeks ? why go thru all the added expense of owning it and trying to rent it out. Am I missing something.

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