Music thread : post you tube ,songs ,bands, up coming live shows ...

    This is a place to talk music, past ,present and future. Is there a band that coming to the area,video of shows you were at,story of some wild show from your past,favorite song to ski/ride to......

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This may belong on the Beer Thread, since I thought about it after drinking 3 Lone Pine Tessellations.

One of my favorite young bands,....especially love the drumming on all their music. simple and clean.

This picture made me laugh today.

Nice one

CartMan! said:

This picture made me laugh today.

Just got tix for the Alt-J show at Thompson's Point June 18.

Again,  my favorite new drummer.

For MikeDann  ,

The snow will come back,... until then. stay peaceful.

Bobby and Phil at Wang was real nice. Bumped into Vortex in lobby and Hawk had the isle seat behind me, Small world, even started talking with woman there and turned out to be Brooke from Funky's sister, we are going to meet up to snowmobile as we both have places around Mnt Abram. Funky small world !! Larry Campbell and wife Teresa were special guests and they were a perfect fit. hearing Larry play the mandolin of Friend of the devil like Grissman did on the album was worth the price of ticket alone.

Last night at the Capitol Theater, Phil Lesh and the Terrapin Family Band with John Scofield performed "Dark Star" to the accompaniment of the late Stephen Hawking detailing his Hopes for Humanity. Like Mr. Hawking himself, this is an electrifying, and brilliant, performance...

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