Music thread : post you tube ,songs ,bands, up coming live shows ...

    This is a place to talk music, past ,present and future. Is there a band that coming to the area,video of shows you were at,story of some wild show from your past,favorite song to ski/ride to......

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We’re about to begin what I believe in my heart will be the best tour so far for Dead & Company. Something is definitely spinning up in the air around us. But as I sit at the end of my bed with my guitar in my hands I feel like I need to post this. I’m only here as an interpreter of a master. This band has developed a soul all its own but I play in constant emotional, psychological and musical deference to Jerry Garcia. I suppose I thought it would become easier each tour to stand on that stage and go reaching for that sound and those colors, but it in some ways it gets harder - the deeper I go into the music, the more I realize what it deserves. Just know that with every show we play, I’ll never forget why it is I’m standing there. This is the great ongoing privilege of my life. See ya round campus. ⚡️- John Mayer

That was awesome, Mel heard it from the other room and she said "I love that song"

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