In a severe thunderstorm yesterday, Mt. Abram base lodge was struck by lightning and caught on fire. The building was extensively damaged. I certainly hope that they can recover and get rebuilt before the ski season starts.

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Looks pretty badly damaged from the pix:

Not Good !  Great place on a powder day.  Always reminds me of what places were like in the 70's...  Parking  2-3 rows from the lodge, Minimal lines,  Hot off the grill Burger/Fries and Coke for $5.  $1.50 draught's.   Best deal ever - $75 for a Car Load of skiers  !!!

Mother Nature was  truly throwing her  weight around  yesterday late  afternoon.   It  was  intense. 


We have to be grateful here for our  volunteer  firefighters and communities' response in Mutual Aid.  With  Bethel, Gilead, Greenwood, Woodstock,  West  Paris  and  Paris called out for this   fire,  Newry handling the  Route 2 shutdown due to fallen trees and power lines,  Rumford  dealing with extensive street  flooding, the  Route 232  mess of  trees  down,  all our   Emergency Responders  were  maxed  out. 



Wow.  Scary stuff.  My mother was up at the house this week and said it was terrifying...and she's pretty hardy.
Sad, I hope they can rebuild.
Very sad. Had a couple of great days there this year with my brother's family and look forward to many more. The Summit Double is a great lift and seems faster than other fixed grips, even for its' age. And Sammy (From Spruce) is a liftie there now - No beard and short hair, to boot.
Sounds like they expect to have a new lodge up and running by ski season (probably can get a small discount on the building materials from Hancock Lumber). 
I liked the old lodge as it was reminder of skiing in yesteryears, but a new lodge will hopefully help them attract more skiers to this little gem.
Man I hope they rebuild.  We have spent way to many Friday nights at that place. Truely a classic in my eyes.  If you know the sound of Dickie Fayhey saying "Last, Last, Last absolutely final last call!!"  then you know what I am talking about.  Good luck to them. 
Even if it wasn't covered by insurance, which I would find hard to believe, the owner has plenty of money and based on his attitude of wanted to make it a great place to ski, I find it even harder to believe that things won't be OK by opening day.

Plans are for a temporary metal building this winter.


Mountain Update 9/8/2011


We know that there has been a lot of speculation as to what type of structure the Main Lodge will be housed in this winter.  To the left is a rendering of the Rubb building that will be our Temporary Home for the 2011/12 season.   The size of the building is 50x110 and will host the Loose Boots Lounge, Café, general seating, lockers and other area amenities.  Rubb will be designing and building our structure at their USA headquarters located in Sanford, ME. Keep an eye on the website and Facebook page for future updates on the progress of our new temporary home for the 2011/12 season.

The Greenwood Fire Department burned the lodge at Mt. Abram Family Resort to the ground Saturday. A lightning strike this past summer struck the lodge and caused heavy damage. The foundation for the new lodge, at right, is kept from cracking in the intense heat by a stream of water from a hose set on mist, foreground middle.

that explains the black smoke on saturday.

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