...I have an outfit.  :)

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ditto!! :)

bump....inquiring minds want to know....

from http://www.sundayriver.com/Events/Main/Winter/ParrotHead.html


Sunday, April 7

  • 11 a.m. ~ Pond Skimming
    An annual favorite! Skiers, snowboarders, and snowbladers alike put their skills to the test. From the outlandish costumes and spills to the antics of the judges, this event is loads of fun. How does it work? First, wear the most ridiculous outfit you can imagine. No matter what, resist all speed checks on the run-in. Don’t lean too far backward or forward; just try to feel for the sweet spot—which, of course, you won’t know until you hit the water. If you fall, try to spray the crowd as you go and definitely take
    your skis off before you try to climb out of the water. Don't forget, costumes get scored much higher. Registration will begin 9 a.m. at the White Cap venue. We will take the first 100 people that register. Children under the age of 18 will need a parent or gaurdian present to sign a release form.

Thanks Kid!

You can practice at Sugarloaf on Saturday

(although it is unclear if it's at the beach or Bullwinkles):

East Coast Pond Skimming Championship   4/6/13

What better way to welcome spring than to gather at THE BEACH at high noon for the whacky East Coast Pond Skimming Championship! The event is open to the first 100 skimmers who show up and sign up at 11am. Spectators will enjoy sunshine, refreshments, music and Sugarloaf comradery all from the expansive Bullwinkle's deck. Don't forget your shades...

Check out these FUN Pond Skimming events. Plenty of speed, jumps, smaller pond for the kids....

The Loaf's


Big Sky's


Awesome video SDK, could not believe the size of the crowd out in Big sky!  Especially liked the guy who skied across the big pond, then hit the smaller one too!

wow I did not think there were that many people in Montana let alone show up for a skimming contest !! ;~} love the Peace Frog remix 

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