Never ever forget...........


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Bob Jalbert,... Long time family friend was  on second plane.

Squad company #1 lost half of their battalion that day.

I believe it was 12 of these brave men who never returned to their firehouse , or families.

As long as we never ever forget......

Yup, Lost my college roommate. 

Will never forget him, or that terrible day

I'll bump this thread again in 364 days....

Thanks to all for the moment of silence. Never forget....

For anyone who hasen't been to the 9/11 museum, you should make a point to go next time you are in NYC, it is amazing and powerful and emotional and sobering and, well lets just say it was an emotional roller coaster for me. Make sure you have several hours if not at least a half day to spend there, it is not something to rush through.

I'll never forget that day or he months after.  Aviation changed that day forever.

My neighbors plane (flight 11) flew into my roommates building...RIP Bob Hayes & Peter Fry.

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