Never ever forget...........


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Agree 1,000,000%
Never Forget!
Well done Jr. We lost a family friend and will never forget that day.
Watched in horror that day. I will not forget. Agree with MB-Well done JR.
One step-brother fighting his way across the Hudson to get the story for his column in the Times and the other walking to his office in the south tower. I was in Houston first day of launching a new product line at a trade show. Flipped to CNN and saw replay of first plane. NO WAY that was an accident. Then watched the second hit. Mom called frantic not able to contact either brother. Very very long day.

Both OK. Dex has been a war correspondent in Iraq and Afghanistan ever since and Rick quit his law practice and returned home to Florida. Seems like yesterday. Absolutely not forgotten.

Thanks Jr.
there is no call to forget any day
be it a first day
or a last day, or any day in between.
Days are numbered for each of us.
Make the most of every day.
You won't be caught short.

Flags on the 48 today, what a thrill to be at work and count 5 Flags in sight at one time with binocs: Adams, Madison, Wildcat D, Carter, and Washington.

The weather was perfect for viewing, but the winds aloft may have been trouble for those putting up a flagpole.

Never ever.
Right and I were at a friend's family lobster bake Saturday afternoon and we stopped for a moment of silence and sang Lee Greenwood's Proud to be an American. We won't forget.
Thank you, junior.

And still.....Never Forget.

They are doing roll call right now downtown. I think they are on "M"......

16 years!  Time flies.  I had to try to explain to my 6 year old last night why people would fly planes into buildings.  And why so many firefighters died climbing UP the stairs.

Sixteen years ago. Seems like yesterday when I remember the the day and the immediate aftermath. Then again it seems like so long ago in terms of the lasting impact (Dept of Homeland Security, Patriot Act, etc). We were so unified in the months that followed, and that is the one thing that arose out of that horror that I wish we could get back.

RIP JS (family friend who lost his life)....tough day.

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