How about the gondola cabin falling in to the slope at north peak

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Don't blame us..... We just get the storms when you finish with them - and after you have drained all the good out of them.  LOL  Or, they head over northern New Brunswick and we get the rain.  But if you are in drought mode, I sincerely hope that is short lived.  Our drought ended with snow that was almost the consistency of weak Cream-of-Wheat.  Snow with too high a moisture content which reaches out and grabs you.

MachSki said:

Glad to hear the end of your drought.  So, should we blame you for the snow drought starting up for us (LOL)?!

SailingSkier said:

The check valve addition is a good idea.  The picture in the link includes a regulator but doesn't list one among the parts.

I have a pressure washer which I was going to try snow making by itself.  My compressor is quite small (used with a small nailer) but worth a try.

Until Monday Halifax, N.S. was in a snow drought --- least snow to this point of the winter for the past 65 years!  The drought has ended !! 

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