How about the gondola cabin falling in to the slope at north peak

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yeah, It was Wheelie's fault. 

Easy to do when they are taking them off the line in the winds they are having.  Should have built an enclosure for the storage racks, though that wouldn't help if it fell off on the curve to the storage rails.

I think just knowing the forecast would help instead of waiting to the winds peaked

Please describe exactly what happened.  Inquiring minds want to know.

The Doppelmayr Agamatic-108 grips used on the Chondola support the carrier on three points when moving through the contour in the terminal. The two inside points run on the contour track, and the third provides stability and keeps the carrier from swinging. 
When carriers (in this case, CWA Omega IV LWI 8 passenger gondola cabins) are moving through the contour of the terminal (during loading and unloading), the carrier can not swing sideways because of the third point supporting the carrier (points 1 & 2 are designed to bear most of the carrier's weight). However, when the carrier is on the parking rail, only points 1 & 2 are supporting the carrier, allowing it to swing sideways. Points 1 & 2 are both small, narrow wheels that allow the grip and carrier roll through the terminal contour and on the parking rail, but while on the parking rail, there is no swing support, and although there is a small groove in the parking rail that the wheels at points 1 & 2 ride in, it isn't enough to keep the carrier from swinging. So when the cabin does swing (from wind or going around a corner too fast), it can fall right off of the parking rail.

As MachSki mentioned before, the parking rail should be housed in a small building. A corrugated sheet metal shed would be ideal because of its low / no maintenance. Not having an enclosed parking rail voids Doppelmayr's warranty on gondola cabins and bubble chairs.

Seems like a huge oversight seeing the only reason to be over there in rack is because of wind.

So why are the cabins off this morning?  icing concerns?

my guess is the rain, too wet to work.  they were off yesterday as well, would have been nice to have a place to dry off during the down pour . Boy, are we a spoiled bunch. :)

poe said:

So why are the cabins off this morning?  icing concerns?

This could be pure rumor/speculation, but I heard they may not be back on this season. 

Likely due to icing concerns. It's much easier to get the ice off of them when they are sitting on the parking rail. Also, the wind is still 10-15 today calming to 5 ish tomorrow, so I would be surprised if they aren't back on the line tomorrow unless the wind chill (0 to -15) is too low for lift ops to work outside for several hours to get them back on the line.
poe said:

So why are the cabins off this morning?  icing concerns?

It's actually a bit gusty out there now so if they still had the cabins on, they might be shutting the Chodi down.  I also noted a cabin sitting on the ground in the parking area as there is no grip on the top!

Breaking News Newry, Maine January 13, 2018

Due to deferred maintenance issues and safety concerns, The Chondola Ski Lift at the Sunday River Ski resort in Newry, Maine has been taken off line for the remainder of the 2017-2018 Ski and Ride Season. Further details will be available at as they become available.

Anyone know what this is about?

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