Where does Sunday River usually shoot of their fireworks? Last year (I don't remember which weekend, I think it was April), it looked as if they were being shot off from the Grand Summit hotel.

This weekend for Winterfest, will they be shot off from the same place? Or is it different for different events (since there is a Torch Parade down to South Ridge, will the fireworks be at South Ridge)?

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Pretty sure it’s always at south ridge 

This was taken March 31, 2017. Looking from Tempest Ridge condos towards Tempest (that is the White Cap lift), so at least that one time the fireworks where from the Grand Summit "area" (although this would be higher up the hill then the Grand Summit from this picture).

It is usually shot from South Ridge except for Bust N Burn weekend.  Then they are shot from Lower Starlight.  

Here is a list of the dates for the Fireworks: http://www.sundayriver.com/events-and-activities/events-calendar/fi...

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