Anyone have a particularly great song they like to ski/ride to?

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CartMan! said:


If you typed that playlist out at work, then, I am starting to understand why that furniture you make is so pricey

 DAM JUST SAW AN ADVERTISEMENT FOR LALLAPALOOZA 25 TH Anniversary !!! !st one at Great woods was insane !! fence got torn down and made into at least 10 bonfires, the lawn was ripped to shreds with sod chucks filling the air all the way to stage. Oh and the music was amazing. But 25 years ago WTF !

Hawk,  here is another one your wife will probably like

I hate Kanye Kardashian, but, at least he got Teyana Taylor  to do the video for this song

I just wish that she would wipe down her exercise equipment between reps,..she seems to sweat alot. It's really kinda of gross

Here's one for MikeDann

Can't teach an Old Dog new tricks

An amazing band Session Americana is playing the Stone Mt Art Center I. Brownfield next Saturday the 25th of February. Award winning Super group of Boston's finest musician with a great sense of humor also

While skiing through Chutzpah! with Mr & Mrs Vortex last weekend, I came across a bunch of

Go-Go dancers in the woods. They were like race gates,...just kept coming.  

This song immediately stayed in my head for the rest of the day AUSTIN POWERS BABY.  

Cartman nice one ! Groovy...

For SteveNob....slide trombone.

For MikeNob.... sweet percussion.

Thanks for the Sugarloaf weekend.

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