Left and Right would like to invite all to an end of the season cookout next Saturday April 23rd at Stony Brook Recreation in Hanover. We would plan to start around 3:00. BYOB and grilling stuff. Hope to see you there.

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Loaf or Saddleback next weekend (weather permitting)
I'm in from my last truns.  Still snowing with an inch on the ground.  Funny way to usher out the ski season, with a snow storm!  Wheels up in a few, home for Easter.  See you all in the fall.

Happy Easter Everyone !  Great time last night Right/Left and great company as well.  Thanks for a great season..if all goes well we'll see ya' at Sugarloaf next weekend  ;) T


Yes -thank you N&N very nice evening!!  Perfect end to the SR season. 

Thank you Left & Right! Sorry we missed some of you there. What an incredible weekend! Powday and a perfect spring ski day with tons of cover!



The Cage was fun. We only stayed there an hour or so. I didn't know that it was just a lead in to the real surprise party at Club Texas. They had rented out the entire club and there were about 300 people there. It was a blast. Got back to SR around midnight.

Great time Saturday night as well. Glad everyone made it even though we couldn't enjoy the deck. Great ending weekend to the season. Sugarloaf next Sunday and then I put them away and start my weekly therapy sessions.
EnuffaMyButt said:

Hey Left & Right ~  Cartman and I want to thank you for a great time yesterday!  Many laughs! 

I forgot to ask Left, 'how did you like the Cage?' lol

thank you Nat and Norm - so fun to get together with all !!!!  More Fuze for the summer!!!
Heck no! Right now Thumpers are my therapy. I will need skiing withdrawl therapy.

We now have an new method for making snow. >>>>>>>>>>

The Twaddel's plan a BBQ on the deck !

Thanks to all that shared our humble obode. 

Jan ..the Fuze is my new health drink for the summer !

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