Left and Right would like to invite all to an end of the season cookout next Saturday April 23rd at Stony Brook Recreation in Hanover. We would plan to start around 3:00. BYOB and grilling stuff. Hope to see you there.

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Sorry guys

It looks like M and the kids are done for the season and my Sunday River season ends on Sat.

Sports commitments and the holiday that weekend will not allow us to attend.


Have a zwack for me!

Thanks Left and Right, we will not be able to make it either, Wed will be our last SR day this year.  See you this weekend.
I'd forgotten about getting ZWACK'd!
Not sure how many of our group will be up that weekend.  C has a track meet at 4pm on that Sat.  Before easter does not make sense to me, but that is when it is. thanks for the invite. 

At the last Barker tailgate a Zwacky shot ski was sighted on a locked ski rack:

Skiah Girl said:

I'd forgotten about getting ZWACK'd!

So , here's the  what's up : I wanted a BBQ this Saturday , but the weather looks questionable.

       Norm also is going to a frat. brother's birthday party in Lewiston in the evening. I would love to have people over Saturday...if the weather holds up. We had a good time 2 yrs. ago and as SkiaG girl can validate a Zwackingly good time was had by all.

      Jen AKA :Marylou ..thinks a BBQ  this weekend and next weekend ..just makes sense. 

      Bottom  Line: come either or both weekends. We will be there. And have two grills on the deck.

      P.S. It's mud season.     

    Sugarloaf tomorrow...see you all Saturday.

We are out this weekend.  I will be up next thursday night.  Not sure if anyone in the fam is coming with me. I may leave Sat aftenoon, if I or we are still up  next Sat, will be there.  
This is our final weekend at SR as well due to the Easter holday next weekend. 
The weather is looking a bit wild Sat night through Sun AM, hopefully salvage Sun PM.
Saturday is Mrs MS69's birthday and I should probably do something nice for her that night...
We are up Saturday night - Wed and then that is it....sad but a great season

We're packing our grill this weekend!  I think the weather is going to be ok tomorrow - Sunday, not so much...


Hey Right/Left - weather looking iffy Saturday.. is there a contingency plan or close down Barker Pub?   We can only stay around until 4ish due to family commitments ...  but would love to hang out for a bit as it will be our last day at SR for the Season... :(
If its iffy I will ski the day and make a call form there.  Heading up tonight.

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