"On top of our ziplines, lift rides, hiking and mountain biking this summer we're adding a nine-h*** walkable disc golf course on the trails of South Ridge "

This would be a great addition to the off season activities. The courses cost next to nothing to maintain. I don't know how many times I've left SR early/late season and hit up the disc golf course in Oxford. Does anybody know if this will be a legit course with tee pads and baskets? Or any other information on course details?

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Great Review, lots of useful info and constructive criticism.


3ajr07 said:
Ok so I played a round this weekend. Sub par course; which I kind of expected. The uphill half sucked and the downhill half was nice. Baskets are legit, but the wood chip tee boxes were not so much. I think overall it's a decent start. Friendly suggestion: set up a true 18 h*** course from the top of the chondi.

The 18 holes from the top is an intersting and good idea IMO for the future.   I can see why they would want 9 holes at the bottom, but make a full coarse from the top sounds fun.    

What's the cost?

$5 per person  add'l $5 for 3-disc set rental




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