We have several friends that enjoy coming up every year and I got the twitter alert to the "cold front" ticket sale SR was running yesterday.  Of course, these are tickets bought now for specific dates this winter.  While they had some steals (seemed like those super deals were on Wednesday only) what caught my eye was the Saturday pricing, at $87 to $88 a day and noting these were savings of $11 to $12.  This would indicate walk up rates at $99 this season for peak weeks/weekends!!!  While not 3 figures yet, might as well be.  And only 11 or 12 off to prebuy for locked dates this far out?  WOW, makes the New England Pass seem like a must now.

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They haven't posted 17/18 pricing yet. Last year was $95 for the equivalent weekend/holiday one day.

Their "Hawk" season pass buddy rate is the same $69 as SR.

iParty said:

Did prices go over $100 at SL too?

It'll undoubtedly impact non passholder visits. I'd expect it to drive season pass sales in the positive direction.
They should coin the buddy pass rate as the "Hawk Pass Rate".

They should.  That would be cool.

Killington Posted their 2018 day ticket rates.  It's $ 115 !  Yikes!  Also no mention for the 2 for 1 early season if you sign up for the mailing list.

It will be interesting to see what Stowe and Sugarbush do.  They have not released their rates yet.

Curiosity with the business plan and how Day Tix prices vs pass products (a la the new Christmas Pass) may cause extra crowding this year (or less crowds).  That is all.

Ripsaw said:

Don't most of you folks buy season passes? Who cares what the day ticket sticker price is?

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